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The Peace Index

People are the solution

What we do

We solve conflicts by funneling peace activities to places they can be most effective. 

Governments have strategic cabinets, businesses have consultants, and organizations have us - for free.



Mapping conflict, developing intelligence and tracking progress, all done at the grassroots.


Creating access to funding, supporting the right actions and scaling thousands of people to millions

Peace is possible

We are a mixed group of Israeli, Palestinian, international youths and professionals, who believe in a sustainable future, without politically induced violence, that leaves no one behind.

We are on a mission to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by scaling public engagement, through helping organizations be the best versions of themselves. 

Who's involved?

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7 organizations

10 brilliant staff 

5 foundations 

What's our impact?

Since its inception in May 2022, we have started to build our sphere of influence, research & conflict mapping.

As early-stage as we are, the impact is difficult to be measured, but we have big potential. Raising 10 thousand in funding commitments and 100s in funding interest, our future looks bright. 

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Advisors to be revealed soon

What we do
Who we are
Who's involved
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We are getting started. Help us :)

Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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